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THE BRIEF: This unit will give you the opportunity to identify and explore potential routes of progression in the media industry, and develop the skills required to move into employment or higher education. You’ll critically analyse your media practice and create a personalised action plan to help you move forward in achieving your ambitions. You’ll meet industry professionals and identify suitable work experience placements. You’ll also explore personal creative marketing techniques such as showreels, personal websites, portfolios and social media presence. 


A logo helps to keep your brand and work instantly recognisable, and summarised in the clearest way possible. 

logo development.png

An A5 flyer is a useful tool to promote your brand in a way which is is still concise, but allows space to develop more of an explanation and express the atmosphere of your work than a business card does. It is almost like a website home page in print form. It can be used to promote your work by distributing it through doors or by putting it up in public places in the hope that it will catch someone's eye. This is why it is always important to make sure that your design is unique, stands out, and accentuates your work.

a5 flyer.png
back of a5 flyer.png

I created an ident so that I could have my logo in the form of a motion graphic, which means that I have more options in branding my moving image work, and an opportunity to make my still work more engaging. 


I designed both sides of a business card in a simple and clear design, but still inkeeping with the style of my logo in order to keep my brand consistent. Even in a world which is becoming increasingly digitalised, it is important to have business cards so that it is easy to pass on your contact information and portfolio to people in networking situations, or in unexpected situations in which you might come across a potential contact. They also help to maintain a professional dynamic between you and whoever you interact with.

business cards 2.jpg
business cards.jpg

My CV contains all of my most relevant achiechements,  personality traits and experiences which make me employable, specifically for the film and media industry.

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