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• 12 minute film

• More context behind the story

• Included Baz Chrysler

• More complex structure (mostly achieved in editing)

• 9 minute film

• Set almost completely in the studio in the moments before the show is supposed to go live, so a lot more is left ambiguous.

• From the perspective of the studio cameras set up for the show.

• The structure would give the final outcome a sophisticated and satisfying element. If I could achieve it the way I imagined, it would make the film appear more polished and the writing well-rounded.

• Has elements of comedy at the beginning between Baz Chrysler's and Waltz's initial interactions, which establishes a fondness towards the characters which makes the audience root for them.

• Not enough time to shoot the amount of different locations to a good standard in the time available.

• Not enough time to shoot a full 12 minute film in the time available.

• Not enough reliable actors who would be available for this amount of unpaid shooting.

• Would require a budget to be pulled off to a high standard.


• Would be much easier to pull off because it is only set in one main location, and an extra one outside for the opening 10 second scene.

• The whole film is set over a real nine minutes and from the stationary studio cameras, so there would be very limited hassle and fuss with the physical filming.

• Requires fewer actors.

• The main reason I rewrote the film was to shorten the film down and therefore make it more manageable to turn around to a high quality in the time available, but I only ended up shortening it down by  three minutes.

• Was not my original vision of how the film would look and how I would get the story across. This meant that it would not quite portray the atmosphere that I originally had in mind.

• The actors did not have enough time to learn the lines properly for this longer take format.

i decided to go with the revised script  and continued pre-production

1. The space I started filming in was reprioritised, meaning that I lost a whole day of filming which I had been relying on.

2. I had issues booking out the equipment, so had to use my own equipment which did not have the capabilities to produce video in the quality I had been expecting to film with.

3. I also only had a shotgun microphone, and the camera was placed at a slight distance in most shots, so the audio was going to be a bit trickier to coordinate.

By this point I did not have time to have things go wrong with the audio which I would then have to sort out, and potentially compromise the whole film too close to the deadline. I also had no private location suitable for the film, and I had lost the slot the other actors had available on their schedules.

I realised that it was time to come to terms with the fact that I needed a new plan if I still wanted a good quality final piece.


I decided that the best way to show my abilities would be to make an experimental film to express the concepts I had been working with instead. I am already comfortable in this type of filmmaking as this is how I've spent the last couple of years learning my style and developing my skills. Originally I was looking forward to making my first narrative film specifically because I have not made a short film which includes dialogue yet, but I wanted to show my work to the best of my abilities, so I knew that this was the best decision under trickier circumstances.

new prop/kit list

I wanted to create a shot which follows along the boots walking across a book and some newspaper, which I used a penny board to create. I did not take into account the bumpiness of the ground, so the shots turned out slightly shakier than intended, but I used warp stabilisation in Premiere Pro to take the edge off it, which ended up working well!

The risk assessment was partially filled in before shooting, and finished afterwards, so that it shows both my plans of action and the resolutions.


This document shows the updated list of locations I noted down as potentially good places to get the newly revised footage.

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