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Updated: Nov 21, 2020

At college, we're delving into the world of research projects, and I've been mulling over which of my inspirations to use as my subject...

Option One: Nathan Head

A digital artist and photographer, Nathan Head has a very clear surrealist style and colour scheme, designed to create connotations of dreams and an alternative, magical world. His work has always inspired me, partly because it's so unique and partly because it fits in with my own style and personal aesthetic. If I researched him, I would design the whole project around experimenting with maintaining this look, in colour scheme and graphics.

Option Two: Quentin Tarantino

Tarantino is one of my favourite (if not absolute favourite) directors, with Pulp Fiction as one of my favourite films of all time, almost entirely down to the genius cinematography. I would love to spend some time analysing some of his shots, colour grading, colour schemes and lighting! And of course I'd have to rewatch some of his films, do some reading on him... it's almost like a dream project!

Option Three: Inception

I hate to be cliche, but Inception is another one of my favourite films ever. Cliches exist for a reason though - because it's a classic! I would definitely research the colour schemes, and how the lighting works with the cinematography to portray the emotional depth and complication expressed in the film. I find it to be one of the most immersive films I have ever watched, next to Pulp Fiction. Usually I have to be doing something productive while I'm watching a film, but when Inception or Pulp Fiction are on - 100% of my attention is in the

film. I think this is partly down to the incredible synchronisation of all aspects of the film - the sound, the movement, the sound effects, the speech and the shots are all perfectly synchronised and nothing is out of place, leaving the audience with no opportunity to tear themselves back into the real world!

In conclusion, I wish I could triple my time and complete all three of these projects! But for the moment, I will go with researching Tarantino. I think it gives me more freedom than only researching one film, and is more relevant to my studies than Nathan Head, as it is moving image-based. I am immensely looking forward to seeing where this project takes me!

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