Year reflection
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FMP Vlogging: episode one
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The motion graphics which make up the introductory theme for The Morning Show use a mix of 2D and 3D animation. This mix keeps it visually interesting because the constant change in perception creates a constantly dynamic screen. This constant 
change of perceptions is also very topical to the TV programme; which explores the inner workings of the TV and media industry during the #MeToo movement. The animated balls which made up the movement of the intro merge into the logo of The Morning Show in the final scene, and 
which then triggers the logo to spin outwards to reveal itself in quite a classic way which imitates the style of average daytime live TV graphics. The retro font of the logo itself is also very classic and copies the fictional show within the TV programme, immersing
the audience even more in the realities the characters face and how closely these align with the real world.
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The colour scheme of the motion graphics is established very strongly and creates a very consistent flow to the introductory theme, because even when the main colours are switched, nothing has radically changed to the audience because it is inkeeping to the theme 
and setting of the rest of the intro. The graphics have remained in the same visual, digital space that has been created.
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4th march 2021

We had to create a motion graphic to present the results from a sleep survey. I decided to present the results from the sleep survey on the cover of a bed by editing the perspective of the text in Photoshop, and then create a sphere-shaped rotating graphic for the title. So far, I have finished the illustration of the bed  and the motion graphics of the data. At the moment I am still working on the rotating sphere-shaped motion graphics in After Effects