13th February 2021

Once I'd had a mini breakthrough with understanding After Effects, I came up with an exercise to further my abilities in the programme. So, after collecting a lot of footage, I edited my own version of the Spooks intro. Using After Effects to create the glowing lines, and Premiere Pro to edit the rest, I threw myself into the full-on, intense editing style of Spooks and learned a few more tricks in both programmes.

6th February 2021

I eventually worked out how to keyframe in After Effects and now that I have that basic sorted (which I am familiar with in Premiere Pro), I am much more confident in my ability to develop my After Effects skills. The tracking options are usefully underneath each extra effect added to a graphic or media selection, so once this was figured out I managed to increase and decrease effects added to each object.

I also animated the scale of the text, which for some reason was not an aspect included in the final export. Finding out where this part went wrong is what i intend to work on next.

30th February 2021
Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 14.20.23.png

In After Effects, I managed to create a neon light effect with a few different text layers using the effect controls. However, I could not find a way to animate the text - I am aware that it can be animated in a similar way to in Premiere Pro, using the tracking keyframes in the effects control panel, but I have not yet found where this is in After Effects.

This time, I am focussing on working on how to animate the text and once I have found, practised and mastered that, I intend to work out how to transfer these skills into animating shapes.

4th march 2021

I decided to present the results from the sleep survey on the cover of a bed by editing the perspective of the text in Photoshop, and then create a sphere-shaped rotating graphic for the title. So far, I have finished the illustration of the bed  and the motion graphics of the data. At the moment I am still working on the rotating sphere-shaped motion graphics in After Effects